Jan 2015

This motivation to update my blog has dwindled into just thinking about updating my blog. Maybe I'll just do a monthly update instead. Yeah, that sounds doable. 
New year, new resolutions to obtain.  This year, I will be the good friend that I want to be. And exercise. Yeah, exercise. As I eat my curry chicken over rice. 


There is something about the changing seasons that is magical. From summer into fall. Summer is bright, vibrant, fresh while fall is rich, textured, and warm.  That stage where the color blends and the weather is cooling down is my favorite. There is a scent in the air, of autumn leaves, of warm earth. I'm not sure if how to explain it, but it makes me want to add an extra layer of clothing, bring out my scarves and jackets.  Looking up as I'm walking underneath a canopy of yellows, oranges, reds of the changing leaves. The picture that nature paints is so hard to reflect. 

And since I am in the Pacific Northwest, the endless grey clouds with burts of sun, that if lucky, I will see a rainbow.

Eggs and seaweed

Sometimes it's the simple foods that fill me up. I love eggs in any style, but I especially love it with fish sauce mixed in and cooked over high heat so that it's rises up. Cooked this way the edges are slightly crispy and it's so soft, so fluffy. With a side of jiew (Lao style spicy salsa) and hot sticky rice, it's beyond comfort food. Today, I made the omelette ( lack of a better word to describe it) and are it with pork rinds and some seaweed salad that I had. Atleast it's green and a veggie. the crispy rinds, with the fluffy eggs and hot sticky rice and a bit if the spicy jiew. Oh man, then eating the cool seaweed after. All I can say is, mmmmm. 

Saying good bye

I have experience death more times in my life than I would like. I know that it's the circle that will always continue, and that I will experience more in the future. Each time it teaches me how short life is and how unexpected, even if it is expected. 
I lost a friend on Tuesday. She was a good friend, funny, elegant, intelligent, refined. One of those great women that inspires greatness. She lived life so fully, so wonderously, so giving. She made things happen, things that I can only wish for and have the strength, courage, and skills to see it through. I am still in shock, still in disbelief. She is the first of our friends, the first of our age group. It brought home again how precious life is. She left behind a great legacy, a hole in our group. We were planning to meet up next month. For a "girls" weekend. Something she wanted to do, something we haven't done in ages. We were all looking forward to it. To get away from the hustle of our lives and reconnect with each other. Now, it will be one less. You will truly be missed. I only hope to live my life as full as you. You truly inspire me to live fully and to take the moment to enjoy. To always welcome the light and push away the dark. Thank you. 

Viva Las Vegas. Again.

In all the times I visited Vegas, I never went to Fremont St. Surprising, I know. It would be good that would make me venture out here. Specifically, Lao food. And it was not a disappointment. So good. I killed two birds with one stone, eat and explored old Las Vegas. 

Was old Vegas cowboy country??? It's very western themed. Steaks, beer. 


Why is that when I open a textbook, I suddenly have others things that needs to be done? Make brunch, update my blog, check my social network, update my status. I am going to buckle down after this. Well, after I sweep and mop the  floors and definitely after the bathroom is cleaned. oh, and I have to water my plants. Definitely after that. 

Winter storm 2014

Snow falling in Portland is akin to Armageddon. The city literally comes to a standstill. People here are not used to driving in snowy conditions. Add in wind and the chill factor, the city justs sleeps. 
It's beautiful though. Pristine white, houses and streets covered in soft, feathery blankets. I love seeing the smooth surface with the line footprint trail going somewhere. 
When I was younger snow days meant being outside, creating snowmen, snow angels and snow balls. Now, I watch it from it from inside the house. Where I am nice and warm. 
Ah, to be a kid again and have that all weather buffer.